​Verification Process for Teachers in Special Settings

​​The Verification Process for Teachers in Special Settings (VPSS) is an hours-based, professional development path to meeting the subject matter competence requirement of NCLB’s Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements (HQT). The rigorous VPSS process relieves teachers in special settings (Secondary Sp Ed / Independent Study / Court & Community Schools / Alternative Education) from taking university coursework or the single subject CSET Exams to meet HQT’s subject matter competence requirement in each subject they teach.

State Board of Education required VPSS content:

  • State-Adopted Academic Content Standards / State-Adopted Curriculum Frameworks / Adopted Texts / CAHSEE & Secondary CSTs / CSET – Single Subject Exam Content

The San Diego County Office of Education VPSS Consortium, which was developed in collaboration with Ventura COE, is committed to a “Teacher Friendly” model: Flexible / Context sensitive / Cost effective / Technology based / Minimize out of classroom time / Applicable to classroom assignment. The VPSS classes include videotape lessons, assigned reading, reflections, lesson plan development, independent and collaborative work and assessments. Multiple choice and constructed response assessments are included in each content area.

San Diego County VPSS Structure:

English & Social Science: 100% Online Delivery

Math: Online & Live-Meeting Hybrid model
            12 hours of “live” (videoconference) professional development per 36 hour tier

Science: 100% Online Delivery  - Tier I piloted in September 2010

Online Class Registration: