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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications offers solutions to help transform your business, including the design and development of web-based applications, mobile apps, custom software, automation, APIs, and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. We offer consulting services to assist you with your data management. Enterprise Applications is also responsible for PeopleSoft system administration, development. and testing, and works in alignment with our Services and Solutions team that provides PeopleSoft support.

Applications Development

Partner with our Applications Development team to:
  • Transform your business or idea into innovative and integrated web-based applications.
  • Take advantage of our ingenious mobile application development.
  • Develop custom software to complement your business process.
  • Tap into our experiences in educational related processes and automation.
  • Create Web application programming interfaces (API) or web services to provide data to consumers.
  • Invite our developers to share their secure coding expertise with your students in a classroom setting.

Data Management and Engineering

Our Data Management and Engineering team can help you:
  • Create Business Intelligence dashboards that provide instant and longer-term data insights through analysis and visualization (Student, Finance, Human Resources, and so on). Key metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and important data points allow for better informed decision making.
  • Refine your data privacy policies and practices, as well as identify and classify data-driven business processes.
  • Create Synergy data extracts and assist with data migration.
  • Evaluate your database architecture and data standards.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Operations

Our ERP Operations group is comprised of three teams:
  • PeopleSoft Systems Administration
  • PeopleSoft Development
  • PeopleSoft QA/Testing