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About the San Diego County Office of Education

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) serves our county’s most vulnerable students, and supports school leaders, teachers, and students across the county. We support nearly 780​ schools and more than 500,000 students, including the 2,020 children we educate each year through our Juvenile Court and Community Schools. SDCOE provides a variety of services for the 42 school districts, 131 charter schools, and five community college districts in the county.

Our Mission

The mission of the San Diego County Office of Education is inspiring and leading innovation in education.

Our Employees

  • Collaborate with school, industry, and community leaders to address countywide educational issues
  • Organize and facilitate professional learning opportunities
  • Provide financial oversight for school districts
  • Develop countywide technology initiatives
  • Support teachers and administrators as they earn and register credentials
  • Coordinate regional services for special populations of students
  • Support school districts with their Local Control and Accountability Plans
  • Process paychecks for school employees throughout the county
  • Provide internet connectivity to school districts
  • Coordinate countywide student-safety and emergency-preparation programs
  • Complete background checks and fingerprinting for school employees
  • Operate countywide outdoor education programs

Our Students

We directly serve students from birth to age 22, including those who:

  • Need special physical or emotional support
  • Have been expelled from their school districts
  • Are detained at a juvenile detention facility
  • Are in foster care
  • Are experiencing homelessness
  • Are from migrant families
  • Are pregnant or parenting
  • Are in drug-treatment programs

Our History

The San Diego County Office of Education was created in 1948 to support schools throughout the county with business, curricular, and other services.

Originally, the San Diego County Board of Education was appointed by the County Board of Supervisors. In 1949, voters here picked the firs​t elected county board of education in the state. At the time, the county had 91,225 students and 68 school districts.

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