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Project GLAD supports

Project GLAD®

Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD®) is an instructional model for TK-12 that supports the vision of the California English Learner Roadmap policy by strengthening educational programs and practices for English learners. Project GLAD® supports the implementation of integrated English-language development (ELD) and designated ELD. This model provides full and meaningful access to a 21st century education that results in attaining high levels of language proficiency and mastery of grade level standards.

Project GLAD® supports teachers in developing their expertise to fulfill the promise of the California EL Roadmap and the Global CA 2030 initiative by all content areas with language development, whether in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, etc. Project GLAD® classrooms are content-rich, language functional environments that support student construction of literacy and the joy of teaching and learning.

Project GLAD® Research & Theory Live Webinars

Project GLAD® Research & Theory Flyer

Project GLAD® Foundations consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Research and Theory 4-day Live Webinar ($470 per participant)
  • Part 2: In Classroom Demonstration ($600 per participant) 

Project GLAD® is most effective when teams of teachers from the same site or district participate and learn together. San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) will work with schools and districts to coordinate our research and theory webinars and in-classroom demonstrations at times and locations convenient for your specific schedules.​

For Part 1, participants attend four 3-hour live webinar sessions within a 3-week window.  When it is safe to proceed with Part 2, we will offer the in class demonstration. 

Several cohorts to choose from:

​Part 1: Research and Theory
​Part 2: In Classroom Demonstration

Note materials and resources included in the price.  Part 1 is a pre-requisite to Part 2.

Professional Development

Register for an upcoming training below or contact us to get started with Project GLAD® today.

 Ongoing Support for Project GLAD® Implementation

SDCOE Project GLAD® NetworkOnce your site has completed Part 1 of the Project GLAD® professional learning series, you have the opportunity to send a lead from your school site to attend the SDCOE Project GLAD® Network. The purpose of the network is to create a culture of learning by sharing resources to build precision and pedagogical practices to improve student learning, support designated ELD and integrated ELD, and the implementation of the CA EL Roadmap.

Dates to choose from:


  • Administrator 101 Awareness
  • Administrator 102 Implementation Support
  • Cancouse Course to Review Strategies