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Administrative Institutes and Credentialing

The San Diego County Office of Education's Learning and Leadership Services division offers a continuum of professional development services and programs for school leaders that provide an interrelated, cohesive set of developmental learning experiences that are designed to build capacity with new and experienced administrators as well as prepare prospective school principals for the challenges of school leadership.

This programs make a significant contribution to the San Diego region by preparing future school leaders and educational administrators to become "leaders of learning" who are capable of attaining the level of effectiveness needed to produce high performing schools.

SDCOE offers the following School Leadership Programs:

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program 

Meets CTC requirements for the Preliminary Administrative Credential. This program offers a high-quality preparation program that is focused on developing leaders by providing a rigorous and relevant course of study on instructional leadership. Certification of all CTC requirements is accomplished through a 17-month program, which includes coursework, integrated online learning, field experience, and action research. 

Clear Administrative Services Credential Program

Meets CTC requirements for the Administrative Services Clear Credential. CTC requires new administrators to enter a Clear Induction program within 120 days of your ​first administrative assignment. Certification of the completion of all requirements is accomplished through a two year program that includes one‐on‐one coaching with a skilled administrator, an individualized leadership growth plan, professional learning, as well as a culminating portfolio representing two years of leadership development as an instructional leader based upon the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELS). 

School Leadership Institutes

These school leadership programs provide the opportunity for aspiring leaders and school administrators to build their professional practice through participation in the School Leadership Institutes.  Several school leadership institutes are offered:

  • Feedback for Teacher Growth Institute: Designed for teachers and school administrators. The San Diego County Office of Education has partnered with the nationally recognized University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) to offer a two-day Feedback for Teacher Growth Institute, “Feedback for Teacher Growth: Tools and Processes to Support Teaching Improvement Systems.” 
  • Teacher Leadership Academy​​ (New): This five-day, intensive Teacher Leadership Academy is a great fit for classroom teachers, teachers on special assignment, content coaches, grade-level and team leads of all content areas grades K-12.​
  • ​Principal Leadership Institute: Designed for new and experienced school administrators. Focus is on building the capacity of school leaders to lead the improvement of teaching and learning in the 21st century.
  • Principal Leadership Seminars (New): A powerful professional learning series for school and district administrators​. The Leadership Seminars provide school and district leaders the opportunity to build their professional expertise in research-proven strategies that positively impact student learning. Four course sessions.

School Leadership Transition

SDCOE provides leadership transition services for sites and districts making the transition to a new site or district administrator. The service is designed to gather stakeholder input through a facilitated process that enables the new site or district administrator to understand the needs and strengths of the site or district. Interested sites or districts can contact Sheelagh Moran.